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Natural Soothing Formula Mask

FASCY Natural Formula Soothing Mask is a luxurious face mask with tea tree essential oil soothes and revitalizes the skin, helps reduce acne and blemishes and smooths. The mask is designed to care for inflamed, irritated skin. Following the recipes of beauty from nature, cosmetologists have introduced the components of the tea tree into the product. Substances possessing soothing, tonic, bactericidal qualities effectively heal the integument. The mask cleanses, refreshes and smoothes, improves the complexion and improves the microrelief of the skin. A remedy with tea tree essential oil is indispensable for inflamed skin, with scars, signs of acne and other problems. It is safe and suitable for regular use.
KWD 0.750

Natural Illuminating Formula Mask

For deep cleansing of the skin, getting rid of accumulated toxins, improving complexion and fighting inflammation, Fascy offers the Natural Illuminating Formula Mask. The fabric-based product uses a beauty recipe from nature itself. Non-greasy essence impregnating napkin contains the smallest particles of charcoal. The active absorbent instantly neutralizes excess sebum, picks up and removes household dirt and greasy dust plugs that interfere with the metabolism of the skin and spoil its appearance. This effect provides excellent prevention of inflammation, prevents the formation of comedones and acne, and keeps fresh and healthy for a long time.
KWD 0.750

Natural Nutrition Formula Mask

To restore and heal damaged problem skin, the Korean cosmetics brand Fascy recommends the Natural Nutrition Formula Mask with bee honey extract and active moisturizers. This self-care home care product is made from a hypoallergenic cloth and infused with essences, created according to a recipe from nature. Rich in organic acids, mineral salts and vitamins, honey supplies the skin with everything it needs to maintain health, intensive regeneration and softening. Being absorbed into the skin, the essence supplies the tissues with the necessary moisture, stimulates skin regeneration, improves its color, and prevents premature aging.
KWD 8.750

Sunshine Foot Peel Mask

Fascy Sunshine Foot Peel Mask – Exfoliating foot mask contains AHA (lactic acid and glycolic acid) and BHA (salicylic acid), which help remove dead cells from rough and cracked heels. The mask makes the legs smooth, soft, velvety. Centella asiatica and cypress extract soothes and provides deep hydration, and menthol has a refreshing, invigorating effect.
KWD 1.750